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Trekkie on the Loose
United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: depends on my mood
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin Martian
Personal Quote: If love is blind to age, race and color, why can it see gender so clearly? Love is love, y'all.


Biome - Love Ball by justamuse
Biome - Love Ball
"My love for you can't be contained."

"What do you mean, you can't read it? It's right there in black and white!"

Aesha's App
Biome Aesha by justamuse
Biome Aesha
For :iconpokemonbiome:

Applying for Veteran status: Duality OCT - Aesha

Name: Aesha

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 5’11

Birthday: November 9

Occupation: Capsule Storage and Management Developer(engineer)

Personality: straight-laced, committed to his beliefs, prickly, hard-headed, prone to moments of romance, man with a ten-year plan

History: Aesha comes from a very prominent family whose exclusive technological advancements in robotics and business connections have made Feiman a well-respected name in Tundra. He grew up with all the perks and pitfalls of being the only child of such a family. Though his relationship with him father was distant at best, his mother instilled a deep sense of loyalty and pride when it comes to family. A loyalty that was tested when the future of his father’s business was entrusted to his cousin Haen, when he was 16.

Fueled by indignation, he shifted his career focus from business to engineering, in some fever dream attempt of being a competitor to his family’s empire. He targeted areas he knew were weak in the industry, such as more efficient containment equipment and capsule systems. About 5 years in, he realized he stopped making this about revenge and more about improving the lives of the people he worked alongside all this time.

 It’s amazing what happens when you remove the blinders.


Likes/Dislikes: (at least 3 or 4)

+ technology

+ routines and procedures

+ long hair

+ large rooms

- being underground

- dry heat

- rampant sarcasm

- His dad


Relationships: Lark Grier (fiancé) (more later)

Additional Notes:

- Aesha practices Tai Chi
- His engagement is not public knowledge (much to Lark’s irritation); he’s only told his mother.
- Prefers typing or voice messages; his handwriting is atrocious!

- Will neither confirm nor deny wearing his hair in a bun on his off days


Battle Tactics: Strike fast and hard first, then think it out

Pokemon Info

Name: Rugby

Pokemon: Druddigon

Gender: Female

Level: 70

Ability: Rough Skin

Type: Dragon

Attacks: Strength (normal/80/100/10), Dragon Claw (dragon/80/100/15), Flash Cannon (steel80/100/10), Outrage (dragon120/100/10)

Personality: Rugby is strong, but still young for a dragon. Basks in affection and praise. Tends to forget her size and rough skin in favor of getting attention. High prey instinct.

Short History: First pokemon Aesha caught on his own and she knows she’s highly favored. Though not quite spoiled, Aesha is always considerate of Rugby’s needs from designing a home suitable for her size and keeping her more primal urges in mind when he travels.


Name: Nolan

Pokemon: Medicham

Gender: Male

Level: 37

Ability: Telepathy

Type: Fighting/Psychic

Attacks: Bide (normal/??/--/10), Force Palm (fighting/60/100/10), Energy Ball (grass/90/100/10), Telekinesis (psychic/--/--/15)

Personality: Cautious, relaxed, and intelligent. Considers himself more of a companion. Maintains a silent but comfortable presence in all things.

Short History: Nolan was given to Aesha by his cousin as a joke because he was a fearful Meditite that no one wanted. Aesha, too, saw little point to training him to battle so he only kept him as a workout partner. Over time they both grew to enjoy their simple relationship.


Name: Nurik

Pokemon: Hoothoot

Gender: Male

Level: 6

Ability: Insomnia

Type: Normal/Flying

Attacks: Growl (normal/--/100/40), Hypnosis (psychic/--/60/20)

Personality: Nurik doesn’t quite have a personality developed yet. He’s taking in as much of the world as he can at this point, constantly in a state of observation. However he’s very, very vocal about his likes and dislikes, but to Aesha’s annoyance.

Short History: Aesha looks at Nurik as something of a forced adoption. Lark’s Noctowl has babies, of course he had to take one. He’s wary around Nurik because the little guys never sleeps and stares ALL. THE. TIME.


RP Info: I’m used to Skype RP, but very open to Google Docs. I’m adaptable, but prefer short paragraph rp (I think that’s what it’s called…)

Also… BE PATIENT WITH ME. When I’m online, I’m fine, but if I’m offline, it may be a day or before you get a reply. Just a heads up.

Skype: Send a message to my tumblr,

Google Docs: Email

Gah, I hate editing in dA... I dunno what the fuck I'm doing half the time. Gonna clean this up later....

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